Breakdown Assistance. MINI Mobile Service: Your ultimate co-pilot.

MINI Breakdown Assistance

Trouble? We’re there on the double.

You're never alone when you’re behind the wheel of your MINI. In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong when you’re out on the road, swift and professional advice is just a phone call away. If our technicians can’t fix your MINI on the spot, we’ll arrange for it to be towed to your preferred MINI dealer, where we’ll quickly restore it to its former glory.

MINI Mobile Service: Your ultimate co-pilot.

MINI Mobileservice - National hotline: 0800 21 54 00  

International hotline: +49 89 588 099 566


Mobile Service text message contact for hearing-impaired: +49 178 234 62 64

Had a breakdown?

  • Stop the engine. Turn on your D35 hazzard lights and set up your warning triangle.
  • Make sure you are as visible as possible.
  • Call MINI Mobile Service: 0800 21 54 00
  • Exchange contact details with third parties.
  • Try not to worry. As long as you’re OK, we’ll make sure your MINI is too.
MINI Technicians. MINI Breakdown Hotline
MINI Phone Advice. MINI Technical Experts. MINI Service Centre. MINI Clubman
Included free, virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Phone advice from MINI technical experts.
  • Round-the-clock roadside assistance.
  • Car recovery or towing to your nearest MINI Service Centre.
  • Available to whoever is driving your MINI, even if it’s not you.
MINI Mobile Care.
MINI Mobile Care. Guaranteeing your onward journey.

MINI Mobile Care is our additional free cover for MINI drivers in Europe. It offers a range of services that help you continue to your destination, even if you break down.

  • Taxi costs reimbursed up to 65 €.
  • Hotel costs paid for if you’re over 50km from home (for up to four nights in up to a 4-star hotel.)
  • Replacement car provided while your MINI is being fixed.
MINI Breakdown Assistance

In addition, up to a total cost of €500.

We want you to be trouble-free mobile - without any disruptions. That's why we additionally cover the following services up to the total costs of € 500,00 per breakdown.



If necessary, we pay your train- or planeticket to your travel destination or to your home - for the above mentioned maximum-costs. 




If we have to pick up your car, we also cover the costs until 500 €. Presupposed the repair of your MINI takes longer than 3 working days from the moment your MINI gets into the workshop and that the distance between your hometown and the town of the breakdown is more than 100 km. If the breakdown happens abroad, we put you in contact with chosen and qualified cooperation partners, which will bring your MINI back home within the next 10 working days (with a collective transport).

  • Additional information
  • Additional information

    Here you'll find more information about the MINI breakdown assistance and the general conditions for free accident and breakdown cover. 

    What to do if you break down.

    The first thing to do in the event of a breakdown is to call the MINI Breakdown Hotline. 

    National Hotline: xxx

    International Hotline: xxx


    You'll need to give your vehicle details, your precise location, the cause and results of the breakdown (if known) and a phone number we can reach you on. MINI will then take care of the rest. 


    We can only reimburse costs that are agreed in advance with MINI Mobile Service.

    In most cases, the cost of MINI Mobile Care services is covered directly by us. Should you nevertheless incur costs yourself, we will reimurse these as quickly as possible. To do so, we need the original receipts or invoices for the service in question (e.g. tow company) together with a copy of the invoice for the repair work. 


    Non-reimbursable costs

    - Costs that would have occurred under normal circumstances, e.g. fuel costs, toll charges, etc.

    - Additional hotel costs, e.g. for meals and mini bar bills.

    - Any costs or losses incurred as a direct or indirect result of the breakdown, such as loss of income, cancellation fees, missed engagements or evens (e.g. tickets not used)

    - Repair costs and costs of spare parts and top-ups. 


    Travel destinations covered by MINI Mobile Care.

    MINI Mobile Care regional coverage: 

    Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (incl. Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

    MINI Mobile Care Validity

    MINI Mobile Care means two years of comprehensive mobility services for new cars registered on or after 1st January 2011 according to the valid conditions of the MINI Mobile Care guarantee.


    One the vehicle reaches ist third year, it is up to you to prolong or reneq the MINI Mobile Care mobility guarantee - up to five years. Each time you have your engine oil service carried out in an authorised MINI Service Centre, your MINI Mobile Care mobility guarantee revolves automatically for another 24 months and up to a maximum of five years from date of first registration. The due date of your next engine oil service is determined by your on-board computer depending on the individual driver operation manner (driving style).


    One the vehicle reaches its sixth year from date of first registration, each engine oil service carried out by an authorised MINI Service Centre entitles you to free roadside assistance by a MINI Service Mobile for a period of 24 months up to an entire vehicle life. 


    All vehicles registered on or after 1st January 2011 can rejoin MINI Mobile Care following an engine oil service. 

    Carrying out other maintenance and repair work* in non-autorised wokshops does not impair the provision of services under MINI Mobile Care mobility guarantee. All MINI Moble Care services are however excluded in case the loss of mobility is due to the fact, that the inspection and maintenance intervals, as specified by the manufacturer, have not been respected or due to the fact that inspections, maintenance work and other repairs have not been carried out by a non-authorised workshop in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. 


    * Including additional oil service if required.


    * Including additional oil service if required.