Service with full transparency.

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Nothing gets past our MINI Service Experts! Supported by the most modern technology and profound know-how they find out, if your darling needs something - and take care of it immediately. Your benefit: The more thorough the inspection, the more driving thrills for you.


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SPRING: Check!

Perfectly prepared into the warm season with MINI.

The sun starts shining: That's how driving a MINI makes even more fun than it normally does. With the MINI spring-check you can start your next outdoor adventure without any worries. 


The MINI spring-check contains:

  • Brakes
  • Battery
  • Lights
  • Tyre pressure and profile
  • Fan and microfilter
  • Coolant hoses
  • Engine oil
  • Windscreen wipers and washer fluid


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Winter-ready with MINI Service.

Nothing can stop a MINI. Especially in winter your MINI is in its element. For safe driving fun in the snow, we recommend our MINI winter check.


The MINI winter-check contains:

  • Vehicle test with MINI diagnostic system
  • Damage control of the vehicle body
  • Visual inspection of the wheels and tyres for damages, pattern depth and tyre pressure
  • Visual inspection of the brake system, wheel suspension, shock absorber and steering elements
  • Damage control of the wind shield and wiper blades
  • Visual inspection of all drive belts
  • Control of all fluid levels (motor oil, cooling agent, windshield washer system, servo steering and brake fluid)
  • Function control of the exterior and interior illumination


Tip: Book your change of tyres in combination to MINI winter-check.


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Keep cool with MINI.

Stop climate change on bord with a perfect aircondition in your MINI. The best thing of this service: The MINI aircondition-check is available the whole year, as it is not only important in summer - but the aircondition has great influence on car windows, in order that they do not steem up in winter - so that you can see clearly the entire year. 


The MINI aircondition-check contains:

  • Check aircondensor, powertrain belts and microfilter (replacement optional).
  • Air-conditioning/heating system tested.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of microfilter-casing with MINI Original purifier.
  • Check of pressure in refrigerant-circulation (filling up with refrigerant optional).


* Valid at all MINI partners until canceled. If additional work or fluids might be needed, we inform you in advance and charge this separately.