Indulge your senses and enjoy an interplay of light, sound and feel, all optimised to match your mood. Transform every journey into an unforgettable digital experience. Welcome to the interactive future of MINI.
MINI all-electric Countryman - digital experience - operation system

The new MINI Operating System 9 opens up a completely new intuitive user experience and ensures you're connected and in control more than ever before – on every journey. It’s optimised for your interaction with the exquisite OLED touchscreen and your MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant using your spoken voice, so you now enjoy more intelligent personalisation and emotion than ever before.


Create a unique, multi-sensory experience for you and your passengers. Immerse yourself in different extraordinary worlds inside the all-electric MINI Countryman. Each mode follows its own creative design and sound palette. And with the Personal mode you can even use the MINI App to select your own images from your smartphone gallery for the background of the MINI Interaction Unit. The colours of the ambient lighting and the optional Head-Up Display automatically adjust to suit the images you select. So indulge and bring your interior to life.


MINI all-electric - digital experience - spike MINI all-electric - digital experience - spike


A full-featured voice assistant has found its way into the cockpit of the MINI models for the first time. The MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant can be activated using the greeting “Hey MINI” or by pressing the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel. Voice-controlled interaction on the circular OLED display takes the form of an animation featuring graphical elements, typography and an avatar. In terms of the display, drivers can choose between “MINI” – a stylised image of a MINI – and the new digital MINI assistant known as “SPIKE”. 

The MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant operate key functions of your MINI, like the navigation, telephony, the radio or even control the temperature. Maybe there’s something you need to know about your journey. The weather. Or you have a special request. Even if it’s just for a little chat, or you want to hear a joke.


Driving is a breeze when you have a digital companion as well as access to a host of intelligent connectivity features that come standard, at no extra cost, that offer convenience, safety and connectivity. And should you want to equip your MINI with even more digital services, you can upgrade anytime.

Want more connectivity?

In conjunction with the optional MINI Connected Package you have access to an ever growing range of practical features and entertaining apps, including options for gaming, music and video streaming. You can now also look forward to a form of in-car gaming that is unique in the automotive sector.

Drivers and passengers can play so-called casual games in the AirConsole app when the vehicle is stationary. Music streaming apps like Spotify and Amazon Music have been adapted to the MINI Operating System 9 so that they integrate perfectly into the round MINI Interaction Unit, enabling MINI customers to enjoy an intuitive and visually appealing music streaming experience. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available in the MINI Operating System 9 for wireless smartphone connectivity.

Besides appearing on the MINI Interaction Unit, relevant information can also be shown on the optionally available Head-Up Display.

MINI all-electric Countryman - digital experience - connected upgrades


You can now flexibly book additional connectivity features and packages after you've purchased your MINI thanks to our MINI Remote Software Upgrades. And if you have the corresponding hardware installed, you can also experience your MINI with other great digital premium functions, too, such as Driving Assistant Plus, High Beam Assist and Remote Engine Start. The upgrade options and contents may vary depending on the country, vehicle model, equipment and vehicle condition.

Remote software upgrade.

Keeping your MINI right up to date.

You can receive free over-the-air software updates and improvements for your MINI. And depending on the country, vehicle model, equipment and vehicle condition, you might even be eligible to receive additional new functions or functional improvements free of charge on regular basis.