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MINI 3-Door Hatch Seven Edition Hero


Own a true style icon – remixed for urban living. The limited MINI Seven Edition brings together our most distinctive elements into one model. Combining its unique design concept with the mind of a true trailblazer, the 3-door Hatch lets you forge your own path in life. Unmistakeably contemporary. Unmistakeably MINI.


Underneath the exterior, it’s all about the drive. The MINI 3-door Hatch Seven Edition is powered by a TwinPower Turbo Engine that as fast as it is fuel-efficient. The stiff suspension and low centre of gravity guarantee a true go-kart feeling, hugging every corner like a pro.

Design in detail.

Take a closer look at the MINI 3-door Hatch Seven Edition. Touching permitted.

Lapis Has The Looks.

Look a little deeper with the MINI Yours Lapisluxury Blue body colour. Inspired by ultramarine pigments found within the Lapis Lazuli stone, we’ve perfected the most intense blue tone ever achieved on the body of a MINI. If you favour the classic palette for your Seven Edition, take your pick from Pepper White, Midnight Black or British Racing Green. The roof and mirror caps in Melting Silver provide a tasteful contrast to the body colours.

Light Alloy Wheels.

Style meets substance with your choice of two equally desirable options. The burnished 17” Seven Spoke in Spectre Grey puts a sophisticated spin on your Design Model, while the 18” Vanity Spoke gives your MINI a custom touch. Both two-tone contesters form a head-turning ensemble with other striking exterior details.

Unconventional Contrasts.

Optional bonnet stripes in Melting Silver are a desirable match with the roof and mirror caps. The uniquely shaped design, bordered by subtle Malt Brown pin stripes, puts your Seven Edition straight at pole position.


Subtle touches hint at the MINI Seven Edition’s designer status. The MINI Seven emblem highlights the side scuttle, greeting everyone who steps inside. The badging continues inside on top of the entry strip, giving your Design Edition a sporty edge.


As you explore the city’s vibrant areas, sink back into the exclusive design of the Seven Edition Diamond Malt Brown sports seats. The tailored black leather is teamed up with chequered fabric side panels and finished with classic Malt Brown stitching. Leap out with your choice of leather swatch options including Leather Cross Punch Carbon Black, MINI Yours Leather Lounge Carbon Black and Leather Lounge Satellite Grey.


The beating heart of your MINI Seven Edition is the superlative of eye-catching elegance. The tasteful trio of the Seven badge and fine Malt Brown and silver pin stripes give your dashboard the desirable design status.


The edgy entry strips, trimmed with the Seven badge, greet every thrill-seeker who steps inside.


The Colour Line Malt Brown determines the perfect colour of the door armrests and knee rolls to complete the unmistakeable Seven Edition.


Piano Black structural elements are the ideal complement to the exclusive Colour Line Malt Brown.

MINI 3-door Hatch Seven Edition


MINI 3-door Hatch Seven Edition
kW Power
l/100 km disclaimer
s 0-62 mph (0-100 km) Acceleration
100 (136)
4,9 - 4,5, 4.5, 4.9
Cooper D
85 (116)
3,9 - 3,5, 3.5, 3.9
Cooper S
141 (192)
5,9 - 5,2, 5.2, 5.9
Cooper SD
125 (170)
4,2 - 4, 4.0, 4.2