Engine oil service.
Tasks performed:
  • Engine oil and oil filter replaced.
  • Microfilter for heating/air conditioning replaced.
  • Service interval indicator reset according to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Average strength of front and rear brake pads measured.

If brake pads are replaced: brake shaft cleaned; surface and strength of brake discs tested; wheel-centring hub of light-alloy wheels lubricated.*

  • Handbrake checked for correct function; adjusted as necessary.
  • Handbrake repaired according to manufacturer’s specifications (if necessary).

* Costs extra.




Developed for your specific MINI model, MINI oil filters are extremely compact and extremely robust. Thanks to synthetic fibres, they have a filtration surface of 1,655 cm², which can prevent particles as small as 0.005 mm from entering the engine compartment. The filters protect the engine so effectively that, not only do they prolong its life, but also the intervals between oil changes.